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KC16 - Electric

                                Maximum Bit O.D. Size 16 Inches


                                                                Length without mounting bracket on top  50.50”    1.28 m
                                                                Length with mounting bracket on top     56.50”    1.44 m
                                                                Width with mounting bracket on top      20.50”     .52 m
                                                                Width with mounting bracket on side     26.50”     .67 m
                                                                Width of the connection caddy side      25.00”     .63 m
                                The motor ventilation system is   Maximum diameter drill bit            16.00”     .41 m
                                designed to prevent water from
                                 owing inside the motor with   Weight of Unit without bit             275 lbs.   125 kg
                                 eective air cooling capacity.  Weight of remote control box           20 lbs.     9 kg
                                                                Travel of carriage                      24.00”     .61 m
                                                                Length of umbilical cord                 50.00’  15.24 m
                                                                Length of power cord                     20.00’   6.10 m
                                                                Water Supply Female Garden Connection     3/4 “     .02 m
                                                                Power supply - single phase          115 volts/5000 watts

                                                                    KwikCore  works with all
                                                                       types of material.
                                      1:1 direct gear and        Shown here are RCP, Clay and
                                   1:2.4 reduction gear shaft.       SaniTite® HP from ADS.
                                                                     Also shown here is the
     Applications             Compare         KwikCore  Traditional  installed Inserta Tee® product

         Underground          Labor needed for setup               utilizing a Diteq Wet Core
      Sewer Connections       and operation      1       3             and Hole Saw Bit.
          Reinforced          Cores that can be                 684 Dunksferry Road, Bensalem, PA 19020
        Concrete Slabs        drilled per day  14 - 28  2 - 4
    Walls and Bridge Decks    Reduces exposure to  Yes   No                 1-85KWIKCORE
        Sanitary, Storm,      hazards of silica dust
     Electrical,  Vaults and  Reduces labor cost  Yes    No                         1-855-945-2673
                              and labor fatigue
       Utility Structures                                      
       Bollard, Sign Post     Eliminates hazards with   Yes  No
                              manual lifting
        and Fence Post        Remote controlled                               REQUEST A WEB                     DESIGNED AND ASSEMBLED
         Any Core Drill       coring device     Yes      No                     DEMO TODAY!
          Application         Coring in virtually
         Including 45°        any position      Yes      No        Visit Our Website                            PROUDLY IN THE USA
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