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About Exco, Inc and the KwikCore System

KwikCore™ The Anchorless Coring System, was developed in 2006 to enable a contractor to successfully complete a City of Philadelphia project that required over 900 cored holes for a piggy-back sewer system.

To improve the efficiency of the job, they developed a portable coring attachment for the backhoes and excavators they were using on the job. The results were outstanding – coring efficiency improved tremendously

saving the contractor over a Million Dollars!

Based on this success, EXCO Inc. was formed, awarded several patents and KwikCore was brought to market.


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Exco Incorporated is a Pennsylvania based company, founded in 2007. 

We are a collaboration of seasoned construction professionals working together to design construction related products that increase productivity and maximize profits.

Our primary focus has been and continues to be the development, design and manufacture of the KwikCore™ Anchorless Coring System. 

The system has been in service for several years. It reduces manpower required by 3 to 1 and increases productivity almost ten-fold. The KwikCore™ System is completely manufactured in the USA.


Meet The Inventor

Fred Engel, Jr.

Project Manager / Master Plumber

KwikCore is Designed and Assembled in the USA



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