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How KwikCore Works

The KwikCore Anchorless Coring System is a self-contained coring attachment that connects with any brand of backhoe, compact excavator, mini track loader, etc…  

Powered by standard 115 volt electrical power, the system is connected by an umbilical cord to the remote control module. With a standard diamond core bit of the correct size installed in the KwikCore the system and a water supply for lubrication and cooling, the system is all set.

The operator maneuvers the machine to the surface to be cored which can be at any position below or above ground level.  Utilizing the built-in stabilizer, the unit is oriented perpendicular to the surface to be cored. With water flowing, the control module is activated to operate the system.

When powered on the traverse mechanism advances the core bit with the optimum power, speed and pressure. 

Minutes later the coring operation is complete.

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