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The Innovation of KwikCore

KwikCore™ is a innovative compact portable attachment that easily attaches to the arm of virtually any machine. It requires no anchoring and attaches to all brands of backhoe, excavator, dingo or similar type of equipment.

KwikCore™ enables concrete pipe coring at a rate of 4 cores per hour by a single operator, rather than 4 cores per day by a by a team of 3 or men.  This amounts to huge cost savings and faster project completion.

The patented KwikCore™ System, enables a single operator to quickly, easily and safely perform the coring operation regardless of location or application.

Unlike the traditional cumbersome coring method of hand held or rig mounted equipment, KwikCore™ is a totally "anchorless" coring system.

While KwikCore™ efficiently cores the hole, it also minimizes wear on the drill bit.

It enables the rapid coring of holes up to 15 inch diameter through 18" of structural materials, including: concrete, ductile iron, reinforced concrete, brick, stone, terracotta, PVC, clay and more...

Mounted on the arm of a backhoe or excavator, the unit with its orientation stabilizer and traverse mechanism readily advances the core bit with at the optimum power, speed and pressure. 

It enables coring times in minutes as compared to traditional core times of several hours. 

KwikCore™ pays for itself in as little as a single project.

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